1. Making #pizzarustica with the @palazzolorose and @chris_tea_l

  2. Making #pizzarustica … @palazzolorose

  3. Happy Birthday Timmy Tom Flim Flom … Aka Freak face Aka Dad


  4. Do you remember that intense moment from Reply 1994 when we all thought Hoya and Baro ended up together…

    one could only hope

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    that save


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    V.I.P’s, read!!

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  8. Suho: God of Thunder Failure

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    Please note that, in the light of the Jindo Island ferry disaster tragedy, it is highly advisable that all fans heed to the established advice, and refrain from trending birthday related tags for Luhan’s upcoming birthday. This is not only out of respect and sensitivity towards the…

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  10. let’s take a moment and appreciate sehun’s good looks

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  13. buzzfeed:

    We should all stop using this website. 

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  14. kyungsoo singing a line from moonlight

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    Tattoo done by Chad Lenjer.


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